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Unclog Blocked Drains Fast with Water Savers’ HydroVac Cleaning

Clogged residential drains or storm drains are normally caused by a buildup of tree roots, food waste, non-flushable objects, and other small materials that may eventually be washed away. However, there are cases where the blockages can be too big and almost impossible to remove. This is where the HydroVac and Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning services by Water Savers Atlanta come in.

Many residential and commercial customers in the Atlanta area rely on our drain cleaning technologies. Our Hydro-Jet, which uses high-velocity water pressure, has the power to blast away the toughest blockages; while our HydroVac is designed to pull out all the substances loosened through hydro-jetting.

These two powerful equipment enable us to clean and maintain any type of drains, including the following:

    • Fixture Drains
    • Main Sewer Lines
    • Manholes
    • All Commercial Lines
    • Outside Storm Drains
    • Condo, Townhouse, and other Residential Drain

Watch this short video below to exactly see how our HydroVac and Hydro-Jet work:


In addition to professional drain cleaning services, Water Savers also offers drain repair. When we suspect a possible plumbing line problem, we can utilize a video camera inspection to identify the cause of the problem. Our mini cameras can be lowered into a manhole up to 6 feet, allowing us to easily see what the problem is and then make the necessary repairs.

Don’t let your clogged drains turn into a disaster. Call Water Savers Atlanta today at (678) 944-9195 or schedule an appointment online. Our professional equipment and our highly-experienced plumbing team will help you get your drains back to normal in no time.