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Standard septic systems are gravity driven with each component of the system placed slightly lower than the preceding component. This system allows the steady movement of wastes without the need for mechanical devices or moving parts. On properties where a septic system is not an option, a lift station is required to “lift” the waste material from lower to higher elevations. Lift stations are an essential component of many municipal, commercial, and residential sewer and septic systems. You’ll find a sewage lift station in any business where a waste source (such as a toilet, garbage disposal or processing station) is located below the building’s septic tank or sewage drain. Unfortunately, in commercial settings where large amounts of wastewater are processed, any of these components can require service.

Containing pumps, valves, and electrical equipment lift stations are a collection of moving parts which need maintenance and repairs. Broken or damaged lift stations can result in a variety of negative situations ranging from unpleasant smells and standing water to serious health violations. As an important component of your commercial system, you’ll want your lift stations to always be working correctly and efficiently. At Water Savers, we can service, repair, or replace any type of lift station. We also offer maintenance contracts to ensure your system is always operating at its peak performance.

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