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Preventing Water Leaks and Mold Growth

September is Mold Awareness Month.  So before the month ends, let’s talk about one of the most hazardous issues a homeowner or commercial property owner can face: mildеw and mоld.

We’ve recently received several calls from customers in Atlanta, Tucker, and Johns Creek about leaks behind walls and ceilings that had damaged their property and cost them thousands of dollars in repairs, simply because they ignored mold specks.  Mold can be seen on drywall or insulation and is often a result of water damage, particularly water leaks.

Many homeowners have experienced a water leak that remained undetected for a long time because it occurred in an unseen location like the inside of a wall, between floors, below a concrete slab, under flooring, or even in an underground pipe in the yard.  Over time, undetected leaks allow mold to grow and expose everyone to a serious health hazard.

Any undetected water leak or one that is not repaired properly can lead to mold growth.  It will not only impact your home’s structure but will also jeopardize your health.  Mold can trigger allergy symptoms and respiratory issues, such as coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. The next time you encounter a musty smell, stains in sheetrock, mold specks, or wall discoloration, you should know that these are warning signs of a water leak and mold growth in your home.

There are several precautions you can follow to avoid water damage and mold. 

  • Know the signs and symptoms of both issues
  • Unexpected high water bill
  • Visibly damaged or warped walls and floors
  • Musty smell
  • Discoloration on walls
  • Excessive moisture
  1. 2.  Take action

If you notice that something is wrong with your plumbing system or your home, deal with it immediately. Clean up any liquid spills or condensation to prevent mold from growing. You can also remove any damaged areas or repair them to stop any mold growth.

  1. Proceed to professionals.

Seek help from a professional plumbing company and a mold remediation contractor. A professional will carefully inspect the house so no mold or water leaks are missed. A professional can also repair any water leaks discovered on the spot to prevent mold growth.

Water Savers Atlanta is the plumbing company to call for quality plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers have the skills and expertise to quickly detect any leaks and remedy any mold damage you may have. We offer the most affordable residential and commercial leak detection and mold removal and remediation services in the Atlanta area.

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