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Plumbing & Mechanical Consultants, Inc., dba Water Savers Atlanta, LLC is the premier service for slab leak detection in Atlanta. Water Savers is family owned and operated, in business since 1986/ One call can solve all your needs as the Water Savers Atlanta locate your leak, whether underground or inside household plumbing. Our state licensed and certified plumbers will repair or replace the damaged section of piping to give you like new service. We give all of our plumbers background checks and drug tests to ensure that they can deliver the highest quality service consistently. With 24 hour service available 7 days a week, you are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied! Why waste time, call us today!

Water Savers Turnkey Water Leak Solutions Include:

Water Leak Detection: Detect Water Leaks Now Rather Than Later

Leaks might not seem like big problems, but even small ones can in time turn into a big problems and cost home owners thousands of dollars in damage. Calling Water Savers Atlanta today and let us expertly detect water leaks both inside and outside of your home. We use the best technology available to find and correct leaks before they can cause any further problems.

Water Savers Atlanta is your solution for water leak detection in Atlanta and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. When we locate the leak, we will complete repair on the spot. We service Alpharetta, Atlanta, Centerville, Dunwoody, Flowery Branch, Grayson, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Lithonia, Loganville, Norcross, North Atlanta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Snellville, Stone Mountain, Suwanee and Tucker. If you are in the Atlanta are, we can service your needs.

Water Leak Detection: Repairing Underground Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks in Atlanta often happen in underground pipes beneath yards or below concrete slabs, inside of walls, between floors, and sometimes under flooring. The first sign that something is wrong is usually a rising water bill. A wet spot in the yard, on walls, carpeting, or the sound of running water when plumbing is not in use can signal problems as well. For leak detection in Atlanta, Water Savers can locate and pinpoint these leaks and their sources. We are trained specialists with the best equipment available. Using high frequency listening devices, our plumbers can zero in on the signature sounds of escaping water.

Water Savers Atlanta not only offers water leak detection in Atlanta at competitive prices, we will apply our fees toward the cost of repairing your leak if you choose us to complete the job. Our staff will take all effort to preserve the evidence of the leak in order to protect your right to file an insurance claim. In most cases where the homeowner is properly insured, insurance companies will reimburse the policy holder for the cost of leak detection and the cost to repair damaged property, minus the applicable deductible. Your insurance company and claims adjuster will have the final say on what is covered and what is not. Water Savers is the best choice for leak detection in atalanta and the surrounding regions. Detecting leaks is a task that requires meticulous listening to locate. Without the proper attention, these leaks will negatively impact the value of businesses and households, causing damage and recurring costs. Water Savers Plumbing will use every effort to provide customers with accurate and reliable and educated diagnosis of leaks detected in and on your properties water system.

Water Savers uses leak detection specialists to locate these leaks through our listening techniques. We help businesses and homeowners avoid wasted money. Using state of the art equipment such as acoustic, radar and magnetic detection, we can locate leaks under driveways, under lawns, under concrete slabs, behind walls, in ceilings, inside plumbing fixtures and appliances. Water Savers will provide you an estimates for leak detection in Atlanta.

Help! My Water Bills are High

High water bills have you down? If you have repeatedly suffered from water bills higher than they should be, and have been able to find no evidence of leaks, then make the call to Water Savers Atlanta for the best leak detection in Atlanta. Water leaks can be disastrous in these hard times, and financially fatal for those on a fixed income. Waste no time in contacting the professionals at Water Savers to zero in on and solve your problems.
Leak Detection In Atanta.

“I’ve had high water bills for several months now. I have looked for water leaks and also investigated to see if I have wet spots on the ground outside the house to no avail. Do you have any ideas as I live on a fixed income?”

Water Leak Detection In Toilets
To eliminate some of the common possibilities, check your toilets for leaks using this simple and cheap test. Place some food coloring in the water tanks of all of your toilets and keep from flushing. If the food coloring starts to seep into the bowl it indicates a problem with the flapper. Replacing the flapper could be all it takes to stop this leak, or there could be cracks, grooves, or other damage in the tank that prevents the flapper from sealing off the water flow.
If no toilets are faulty, the leak could be in an underground water main. The only way short of heavy work trenching and back tracking the plumbing all the way back to the water meeting is to contact someone that offers leak detection in Atlanta. Water Savers will use their acoustic, electronic or thermal leak detection to track this leak to its source and one of our technicians will fill you in on your options, providing an estimates on what it will take to correct your leak problem. Once you approve Water Savers’s written estimate, the plumbing repair can begin. Our plumbers will begin by performing a by pass or excavating the area to replace or repair the broken line. No others offer the best leak detection in Atlanta.

Meter Test

Performing a simple meter test can verify whether or not you have a leak. This test should be performed during a time no water will be used anywhere in your plumbing system. Find your water meter. This is often located in front of the house in a covered box near the street. Note the numbers indicated on the meter and wait for half an hour. After 30 minutes have passed, return to the meter and check the numbers against what you have written down. If these numbers are the same, you do not have a leak in pressurized water system. If the numbers indicate that water has indeed passed through the system, return to your home and shut off the valves under all toilets. Repeat the 30 minute testing process. If the meter now shows that no water has ran, this means it is likely you have a running toilet that should be serviced. If the meter shows there is still water running even with all running water turned off for the testing periods, it is time for leak detection.

Just because the problem is out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind. If water is escaping, we will find a way to solve the problem. With Water Savers’s proven equipment and methodology, we can find all types of concealed leaks, no matter where they might hide.

Water Savers Atlanta gives you the best leak detection in Atlanta. No matter where your leak might be, we can track it down and fix it. It does not matter if the leak may be:
– Behind walls,  – Under concrete slabs or asphalt,  – In basements,  – Lawns and landscaping,  – Water intrusion in roofs,  – Or irrigation systems.

Requirements For Accurate Water Leak Detection

For accurate leak detection in Atlanta, two things are required: specially trained experts and quality equipment. Water Savers Atlanta provides both. Our technicians complete the industry’s most extensive training program and are skilled in accurately locating even the most difficult leaks. We take our job seriously and have implemented our own proprietary methods and technology to ensure non invasive leak detection is possible.
There are many reasons to go with Water Savers Atlanta for leak detection in Atlanta. We offer the most professional services available. Here are eleven of the top reasons to go with Water Savers:

– We are non invasive. Our slogan is “Non Invasive Leak Detection.” We are a leader in accurate and non destructive detection of all types of leaks, including hidden water and sewer leaks.

– Experience and resources. We are the experts for leak detection in Atlanta with more than 23 years of experience, cutting edge equipment and ongoing research for new technology and techniques.

– Affordable. Our methods assure a timely and economical outcome and ensure that property damage is eliminated or reduced.

– Up front pricing. Everyone prefers an accurate estimate based on accurate inspections and inclusive recommendations. Many companies quote prices over the phone knowing that people will be shopping for the lowest price. Companies that do this often find their quotes completely inaccurate once a technician comes on site and actually inspects the problem. This practice robs the customer of the ability to make an informed decision and is unfair.

– Licensed, bonded and insured. We give our customers peace of mind knowing that we have been checked out and our work is protected.

– Locally owned. We have been family owned and operated for 24 years.

– Full service. We offer complete plumbing and remodeling.

– 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
– A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and 5 star reviews.
– Licensed GA Master and Journeymen plumbers.

– Certified Green Plumber.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a leak problem, it is important to both your budget and the long term value of your property that the right steps are taken to solve your problem. There is no need to pay excessive fees or let your property damage continue when Water Savers is just a call away for leak detection in Atlanta.

We prevent continuing property damage and save you money. You can trust Water Savers to provide accurate and non destructive leak detection in Atlanta. Do not wait until it is too late! If there is the possibility you may have a leak, get in touch with Water Savers to set things straight.

Poor Shower Pressure & Bathroom Plumbing Solutions

The first thing a plumber will do when he is called to your house because of low water pressure in the shower, but no place else in the house, is to remove the shower head and check the pressure without the shower head (leave the arm coming out of the wall so the water is directed down into the shower).

What to do about low water pressure from shower head:

Water Savers Atlanta not only offers the premier leak detection in Atlanta, we offer solutions for poor shower pressure and bathroom plumbing. When you are suffering low shower pressure but no other problems, our plumber will find the problem. If there is good water volume reaching the shower head, it is just a matter of cleaning or replacing it. Regular vinegar can dissolve the buildup of scale and rust inside shower heads and other plumbing fixtures.
Water in Yard: A Natural Issue or Plumbing Problem?
As well as soaking the shower head in vinegar, check the flow restrictor inside the female end of the shower head and make sure it is clear of debris. The restrictor is usually removable so that you can work on it in the light.

Water in the yard? If it is a natural problem, you should speak to your local water or health department and consider installing a leech line underground. This will collect the water and direct it away from the yard and into a drainage area. If this is not the case, Water Savers can help you with all of your plumbing needs, not just leak detection in Atlanta area.

A french drain can be installed in areas with bad drainage. This drain is a tube that has perforations and is covered by a filter sock. This allows water to enter, but obstructs sand and other soil particles from clogging up the pipe. This pipe is buried in a ¾ inch pea gravel filled trench. A filter paper is installed on top of the gravel and natural soil is placed on top of this, hiding the entire assembly.

Contacting Water Savers Atlanta for leak detection in Atlanta is as easy as dialing (678) 944-9195, or placing an online order. If you prefer the online option, we have an online Scheduled Service. Complete the service request by clicking on the Request A Quote button on this page. From there you can book a service order for all of your 24 hour plumbing needs. Which ever way you choose for your commercial or residential plumbing and drain cleaning service, our fast, professional technicians will be on their way soon. It can’t be easier. Please call us now at (678) 944-9195, or order online now, for the best plumbing services in Atlanta.

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