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Sewer Line Replacement in Atlanta, Georgia

Broken sewer lines are usually caused by invading tree roots, landscapers digging, or poor installation. These are major plumbing problems that can turn into even bigger problems if they are not addressed quickly by trained and experienced professionals.

Just recently, Water Savers completed a sewer line-related job in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our customer had a collapsed sewer line and needed our services. We began by performing a video camera inspection to locate and identify the cause of the problem quickly, then proceeded with replacing the sewer line.

Here’s what we did:

1. Located the underground utilities

2. Installed a cleanout near the house

3. Used laser equipment to determine any additional elevation necessary for adequate fall

4. Installed a backflow preventer in the sewer line to prevent sewage from flooding into the house

5. Installed a 4” sewer line from the house to the city tap

6. Tested the sewer system to ensure everything was in proper working order

7. Backfilled the soil and spread wheat straw over the trenched area

Video camera inspection 

Sewer line replacement 

New Sewer Line Installation

New Sewer Line Installation

Major plumbing emergencies like collapsed sewer lines require immediate attention. The next time you are faced with a sewer line problem l in your Atlanta area home, don’t hesitate to call Water Savers at (678) 944-9195. We’re available around the clock, seven days a week!