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Septic Pump Replacement and Drain Field Replacement in Tucker, Georgia

Water Savers has extensive experience and unmatched expertise in handling both indoor and outdoor plumbing issues. Recently, we completed one of the most arduous outdoor plumbing jobs: septic pump replacement and drain field replacement.

The customer from Tucker, Georgia called us after experiencing a problem with their septic system. Before starting any service, we carefully identified and inspected the problem first. We found that the septic tank overflowed two feet above the outlet. The concrete tee collapsed years ago, and grease has clogged the drain field. We provided the customer with a complete estimate to repair the septic tank and to replace the drain field.  We then proceeded with the job.

Below are what our licensed technicians did:

  • Located the underground utilities
  • Excavated the soil to expose the septic tank lid
  • Pumped the septic tank and removed the grease, effluent, and solids
  • Inspected the inlet and outlet tees
  • Checked the tank’s integrity
  • Checked the sewage flow into the tank
  • Checked the drain field
  • Backfilled the soil
  • Recommended any necessary action and scheduled the next pump date based on the current condition

In addition, we also helped clean up the entire site. Typically, after most plumbing jobs, the homeowner has to hire a landscaping company to fix the yard after being excavated by the plumbers- but not with Water Savers! We always make sure we leave your home looking as if we were never there. Take a look at some of our before and after photos:








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