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Drain Replacement for a Home in Decatur, Georgia

Houses and commercial properties that are more than 20 years old are more likely to have plumbing problems. One of the most common issues they can encounter? Aging cast-iron pipes.

Before, cast iron was the preferred material for water and sewage lines. They were strong, could withstand high pressure, and would last for many years. However, they have become outdated and are reaching the end of their life. If you live in an older house with the original cast iron plumbing, you are at risk for the plumbing fixtures to deteriorate or corrode. That’s exactly what happened to one of our customers in Decatur, Georgia.

Our customer called Water Savers for help and we quickly went to their house to check out the situation. After a thorough inspection, we found that the cast iron house drain had corroded and was leaking into the crawl space. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive plumbing experience, we replaced the old cast-iron pipes with upgraded and more dependable tubing. We made sure the new home drain was functioning properly, without any issues or concerns.

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