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Project Spotlight: Clogged Drain Repair and Pipe Rerouting in the Atlanta Area

Drains and pipelines move wastewater from your home to the sewer. If your drains are placed in an area with no incline, it may cause clogging and backflow, resulting in bad odors, pests, or even health issues. Attempting to repair it yourself might do more damage. It’s safer and cost-effective to hire professional plumbers with the experience, knowledge, and equipment to do the job correctly.

Water Savers Atlanta is a team of expert plumbers with more than 23 years of experience. We offer superior sewer line repair services for commercial and residential properties.  All repairs are performed by licensed professionals, utilizing the latest technology to find the problem immediately. We are confident in the quality of our work and with our many years of expertise in the field, you can count on our team of professionals to flawlessly handle any job for you.

For this project, our client’s main drain from their house was clogged and it needed to be repaired immediately. After a careful and thorough inspection, we found that the drain was flat with no incline, which caused the clog. Our team proceeded with the excavation, repaired the drain and rerouted it along with other affected drains in their home. This included rerouting the master bathroom drain along with the kitchen and dishwasher drain through the side of the house. We also rerouted the washing machine drain through the opposite side of the house and sealed them. Finally, we reconnected all of the drains across the driveway into the sewer line in the street.

Here are the photos of the affected and rerouted drains:

After successfully rerouting the drains, we restored and cleaned the area.   We also made sure the water flow in the drains was smooth, with no issues. Our client was very satisfied with our quick and detailed work!

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