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Project Spotlight: Bathroom Pipe Leak and Repair in the Atlanta Area

If you have old pipes in your water line system, leaks and cracks are  a common problem that most homeowners will encounter. If these issues are not addressed immediately, it can result in a higher water bill and costly repairs. Some leaks are easily detected when the pipes are visible. However, when pipes are located behind walls, leaks are not easily noticed and may cause damage in your home before you detect it.

For small leaks, they can easily be repaired, but leaks that are located in hard to reach areas require proper tools, knowledge, and experience. Only trust licensed professionals to do the job and prevent further damage.

Water Savers Atlanta is a team of expert plumbers with more than 23 years of experience. We offer superior sewer line repair services for commercial and residential properties. All repairs are performed by licensed professionals, utilizing the latest technology to find the problem immediately. We are confident in the quality of our work and with our many years of expertise in the field, you can count on our team of professionals to flawlessly handle any job.

In this project, we received a call from a client who needed emergency service because of a leak in a pipe.

We were able to diagnose a leak in a second floor bathroom pipe after viewing the water stains on the first floor ceiling. We carefully cut an inspection window to gain access to the damaged pipe. The drain, riser, and trap were all replaced.  We conducted a test to ensure that the pipe was in working order. The client was very happy and completely satisfied with our quick response and our services.

We value our clients and their time. We guarantee a quick response and appointment. For emergency services, call us at 770-929-8171 and our team will there asap!