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Project Profile: Main Water Line Repair Services

Many homeowners have experienced or will have an issue with their main water line at some point. The first thing to do is to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible, especially if you encounter a broken or leaky pipe.  The result of a neglected water line problem can range from a higher water bill to indoor or outdoor flooding and even foundation issues.

Water Savers understands the importance of your main water line. Our residential and commercial customers put their trust in us.  Our work, including our repair and installation services, is completely guaranteed.

Any main water line repair demands the necessary skills, experience, equipment, and attention to detail. At Water Savers Atlanta, we always recommend contacting a certified and experienced plumbing company to avoid further damage or complications.

We recently performed a main water line repair of an 8″ Ductile Iron Valve in an apartment complex in Clayton county.

This is how we carried out the repair service:

  • Set up the worksite
  • Identified the exact location of the needed repair
  • Identified all underground utilities (sewer, electric, gas, etc.)
  • Excavated the area with the water line issue
  • Repaired the damaged valve utilizing a combination of experience and technology
  • I ran the water line to confirm everything was in perfect working order
  • Any disturbed areas were returned to their previous state.

If you notice any issues with your water line, please don’t hesitate to call us at (678) 944-9195. We also provide 24/7 emergency services.