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How to Navigate your Plumbing Situation and Get the Proper Solution [VIDEO]

Burst water pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners face. This issue may happen without warning and can be catastrophic to both your home and wallet.

The usual cause of burst pipes is freezing temperatures. When water freezes, it expands and increases pressure, causing your pipes to crack.  It is important to always keep an eye on your plumbing system, especially when temperatures change. You may think that your insurance company will always cover your plumbing issues, but that’s not always the case. Insurance companies only cover water damage if it is sudden and accidental.  When they investigate the claim and see that the burst pipe was neglected and went undetected for a long time, they can deny your claim.  Prevention is not waiting for things to get worse.

If an insurance company does help, is the job they approve 100% guaranteed? Sometimes they approve preventive measures that are not thorough, which may eventually lead to more severe problems.  Do your homework first before trusting someone with your home and property.

Hiring a professional plumbing company is the best thing to do. Don’t just depend on your insurance company to do the work. It’s crucial to get licensed and experienced plumbers to inspect your plumbing system regularly and if necessary, do the necessary repairs. As the owner of Water Savers Atlanta  stated, “Home is your most valuable possession.”  It is your responsibility to make sure that your home is in the right hands.

Watch this video to learn about the right solutions to common household plumbing problems:

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