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How Does an Irrigation System Add Value To Your Home?

Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase the value of their home, especially, if they are thinking of selling it in the near future. For most of these homeowners, the standard way to improve their home’s value is to upgrade some of its features. The most popular upgrades, in this regard, are bathroom and kitchen upgrades.

But there is a problem with these types of home improvements. They are costly and their value is short-lived. That’s because the best kitchen or bathroom upgrades are determined by what is trending in the market and trends change very fast. Besides, the appeal of a kitchen or bathroom renovation is a matter of personal opinion; buyers may not like what the owner likes.

This is why the best way to add value to your home is to look for projects that will keep adding value over the years, says Haas Properties. Such projects are usually more functional than they are cosmetic. They make the property more valuable because they make it easier, cheaper, safer, and more comfortable to live in the home. One such upgrade is improving the home’s landscaping.

Landscaping improvements, in general, pay off in the long run. Unlike other home renovations which lose value with time, landscaping becomes more valuable with age. A home with well-kept gardens and mature trees attracts more money. But this is not true only for the landscaping; whatever helps the landscaping look and function better will also improve the home’s value.

Improving your home’s value with an irrigation system

A good irrigation system can help you maximize curb appeal while minimizing the demands of the garden on your time and money. A good irrigation system also protects the non-living feature of your home from damage by spray water. When you install a high-quality irrigation system in your yard, you improve the home’s value because the system will do the following:

Offer More Convenience

Convenience is something buyers always look at before they buy a property. The less work the outdoor area needs, the more attractive the home will be to potential buyers. A system that offers many options for controlling the amount of water plants receive and how that water is delivered is highly attractive to buyers and more useful to you.

Water conservation

As a way to lower their water bill and save the environment, people are more concerned about the amount of water their landscaping uses. Sprinkler systems that reduce wastage by not spraying areas that don’t need water are better. If the system has the ability to regulate the amount of water it delivers to plants, it will attract more value to the home.

Enhanced curb appeal

The overall effect of a good irrigation system is improved aesthetics at a lower cost. The irrigation system reduces the chances of yellow or brown patches of dry and dead grass appearing on the lawn. It ensures that the area around your home not only looks good but its appearance is consistent regardless of how warm the weather gets.

How to choose a professional irrigation system

Irrigation systems are not created equal, your results depend on how good the system is. For instance, certain plants need more water than others and only a professional sprinkler system will let you meet each plant’s watering needs. The type of system and how it is installed play a role in your home’s value. A poorly installed system will decrease the home’s value during appraisal.

The trouble with choosing an irrigation system is no two gardens are exactly alike. The size and shape of the area, the plant varieties in it, and the non-living features of the yard will be different. These will affect your choice of irrigation system.

What should you look for when buying an irrigation system for your home? To get the right irrigation system, think of the following:

  • Efficient watering is about getting just the right amount of water to plants. Efficient watering lets you cut costs without adversely affecting plant growth and curb appeal.
  • The plant varieties in the garden determine the best type of system for the home. Plant varieties affect your watering scheme. Choose a system that matches the watering scheme.
  • The climate in your area also matters; the level of rainfall, heat, and humidity. Also, you want to think of plants that love direct sunlight and those that prefer shady places.
  • Lastly, the slope of your land matters. It will affect runoff, the land’s drainage, and therefore, the way you water your plants.

To get the absolutely best irrigation system, you need to have a professional assess the needs of your yard, help you choose the right system, and ensure that it is installed correctly. A durable and efficient irrigation system will save you money by not wasting water. It will also make money for you by keeping the home’s lawn and gardens in top condition at all times.