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Foundation leaks come in two forms – water line and sewer. Water line leakages can be easily detected. If you find that your water bills are constantly high and you see no surface leakage, it could be an indication that leakage is at the foundation level. But sewer leakages can go on undetected for years and are very dangerous.

If the soil below your house is expansive, it can absorb a lot of water for years and swell up. This can lead to the foundation becoming weak and lead to cracks on floors and walls. You might even see damp floor and walls that give rise to molds. So, it is essential to get your water and sewer lines periodically checked through experts like Water Savers Atlanta to ensure they are in top condition.

The Best Foundation Leak Detection and Repairs

Water leakage in your foundation can be a serious problem and accurate detection of the problem is vital. At Water Savers Atlanta, we make use of the best technology to detect such leaks. If at all there are any leaks, we make sure that minimum digging or at times no digging at all is necessary to repair the leaks. This is only possible through our state-of-the-art repair equipments such as camera drain inspection and trenchless pipe replacement devices. We even provide you same-day services for your plumbing needs that cannot wait. We have been in the field for over 20 years and you can trust us to repair and detect any foundation leak permanently.

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