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So, all of my friends, family and even strangers, can rely on Water Savers Atlanta for fast, guaranteed service from licensed and insured professionals. We’re here when you need us!

Frequently Asked Questions for Plumbing Repair Experts

Many of my friends and acquaintances know I work for Water Savers Atlanta. And it’s surprising how many of them ask me for plumbing or drain cleaning advice, how to request service or how to obtain discounts. My answer is really very simple:

Call our easy-to-remember number, (678) 944-9195 to be connected directly to a customer service representative who will schedule service at a time convenient for you.

Help! My Water Bills are High

High water bills have you down? If you have repeatedly suffered from water bills higher than they should be, and have been able to find no evidence of leaks, then make the call to Water Savers Atlanta for the best leak detection in Atlanta. Water leaks can be disastrous in these hard times, and financially fatal for those on a fixed income. Waste no time in contacting the professionals at Water Savers to zero in on and solve your problems.
Leak Detection In Atlanta.

“I’ve had high water bills for several months now. I have looked for water leaks and also investigated to see if I have wet spots on the ground outside the house to no avail. Do you have any ideas as I live on a fixed income?”

Make sure you have checked all of your toilets for leaks by doing a simple and cheap test. Place a few drops of food coloring in the water in the tank. If the water in the bowl changes color without you flushing, then you know it’s the flapper. If you replace the flapper and the water is still leaking, then check the stop to see if there are any cracks or grooves in it that prevent the seal from making a full contact.

If the toilets are not leaking, then you may have a broken or leaking water main underground. The only way to find this is to call a leak detection company, such as Water Savers Atlanta, LLC, that can use an acoustic, electronic or thermal leak detection device. Once the leak is located, a Water Savers Atlanta, LLC technician will explain your options to correct the problem. Once you have approved our written estimate the plumbing repair begins by performing a by-pass or excavating the area.

Meter Test

1. This test should be conducted for a 30 minute period, during which time no water is being used on the property.

2. Find your water meter, which is usually located in front of the house in a covered box near the street.

3. Write down the numbers indicated on the meter at the start of this test.

4. Return to check the meter reading after 30 minutes have passed.

5. If the numbers have not changed, you do not have a leak in your pressurized water system. If the numbers have changed, continue with the following steps.

6. Shut off the valves under all toilets in the house, and repeat steps 1-4.

7. If the numbers have not changed, you may have a running toilet that should be serviced.

If the numbers have changed, this indicates water consumption even though water was not being used during the test, and you may need a leak detection.


Out of Sight Should Not Mean Out of Mind
If the water is finding a way to get out, we will certainly find a way to get in and identify the problem. With our state-of-the-art equipment and methodology, we find all kinds of concealed leaks, no matter where they may be hiding.

✓Behind walls   ✓Water intrusion in roofs   ✓Under concrete slabs and asphalt   ✓Irrigation systems   ✓Basements   ✓Radiant heat systems   ✓Lawns and landscape


Our Promise
✓Arrive when scheduled
✓Drug-free Personnel
✓Respect you & your property
✓Leave premises cleaner

Accurate leak detection requires a combination of two things:

Specially trained experts. Our technicians have completed the industry’s most extensive training program and are highly skilled to accurately locate the most difficult leaks, without destruction.

Quality equipmentWater Savers AtlantaLLC Leak Detection has taken its job a step further by implementing its own proprietary methods and technology to ensure the most non-invasive leak detection possible.

Five reasons you can depend on Water Savers Atlanta:

Non-invasive. Our slogan says it best “Non-Invasive Leak Detection.” We are Atlanta’s leader in the accurate, non-destructive detection of all types of leaks including hidden water and sewer leaks.

Experience and Resources. We are Experts in Leak Detection with more than 23 years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and ongoing research and development for new leak detection technology and techniques.

Save Money. Our non-invasive methods assure a timely and economical outcome and ensure that damage to property is eliminated or reduced.

Upfront Pricing. We find our customers prefer an accurate price based on us accurately inspecting the situation and making recommendations. Many service companies will quote any price over the phone because they know people may be shopping for the lowest price. Therefore, many phone quotes are inaccurate and change after a technician sees the job. We feel this method is not fair to customers. After properly reviewing the job, you will know up-front what your cost will be to detect and repair the leak.

Licensed-Bonded-Insured. Have peace of mind knowing that we have been thoroughly checked and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

✓ Locally owned, 23 yr old Family Owned Business

✓ Full Service Plumbing and Complete Remodeling Available

✓ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

✓ A+ Better Business Bureau Rating & 5 star Reviews

✓ Licensed GA Master & Journeymen Plumbers

✓ Certified Green Plumber

In the unfortunate event that you experience a leak problem, it can be critical to both your budget and long-term property value that you take the right steps to solve your problem. Don’t pay excessive charges or incur property damage that results from having the wrong people on the job.

The bottom line is that we prevent property damage and save you money. Put your trust in Atlanta’s proven leader in accurate, non-destructive leak detection. Don’t wait until it’s too late . . . if you think you might have a leak, a call to Water Savers Leak Detection is the best move you can make!

Our Pledge
✓ Arrive on schedule
✓ Drug-free Personnel
✓ Respect you & your property
✓ Clean before leaving premises

Poor Shower Pressure & Bathroom Plumbing Solutions

The first thing a plumber will do when he is called to your house because of low water pressure in the shower, but no place else in the house, is to remove the shower head and check the pressure without the shower head (leave the arm coming out of the wall so the water is directed down into the shower).

What to do about low water pressure from shower head:

In addition, check the flow restrictor inside the female end of the shower head to see if there is debris. The flow restrictor is generally removable so you can work on it in the light.

Water in Yard – & Bathroom Plumbing Solutions

“We have natural ground water coming up in the front yard. We live in Baltimore. Who can we contact about our plumbing problems?”

If it is natural, then you will have to look at leech line under the ground to collect the water and direct it away from the yard and out to the street’s storm drain or drainage area.

A french drain is a tube that has perforations to allow the water to flow into the pipe. The outside is covered with a filter sock to prevent sand from entering and the whole pipe is encased in 3/4 inch pea gravel in a trench. A filter paper is installed on top of the gravel and your soil is reinstalled on top of the whole thing, so you can’t see the drain when it is done.

Water Savers Atlanta Business Partnership

Many businesses and customers are feeling the squeeze, and my guess is that the last thing you want to is to spend money fixing plumbing and drain problems.

Water Savers Atlanta, LLC Business Partnership is one way to keep the costs down if there is a commercial plumbing problem or emergency. We have 24 hour plumbing, 365 days a year, with no additional charges for nights, weekends or holidays!* We not only say it, we mean it!

Water Savers Atlanta, LLC Business Partnership also provides discount coupons year round. Next time you call in for service, just ask the customer service representative to sign you up. It’s free, and takes no time at all to sign up.

For more information on Water Savers Atlanta, LLC Business Partnership, or to obtain a coupon for service, complete a service request by clicking on Request a Quote to the right. One of our representatives will contact you the following business day to register you in our program.

We sincerely hope you don’t have a plumbing problem or emergency, but if you do, we are ready to solve it for you quickly and efficiently.

Fast and convenient… What could be better?

Let’s face it, for business owners and homeowners alike, our time is valuable. With that in mind, we’ve created service options that work for your busy schedule.

Of course you can simply call Water Savers Atlanta, LLC at 678-733-9803 but for many these days, our easy online ordering is the way to go. For those that prefer to go online, we’ve created online Scheduled Service. Simply complete the service request by clicking on the Request a Quote button on this page. From here you can book a service order for your 24 hour plumbing needs. Which ever way you choose for your commercial or residential plumbing and drain cleaning situation, fast friendly help is soon to follow. It’s that easy!

We encourage you to call us at 678-733-9803 for superior plumbing services.

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