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Annoying Water Leaks? Here’s How You Can Prevent Them!

Water leaks are a common residential plumbing issue that needs to be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, they can wreak havoc not only on your water bill but also on your property and the environment.  Research shows that household leaks can waste over 1 trillion gallons of water nationwide every year! This makes it essential for homeowners to maintain their plumbing systems regularly and follow a few simple methods to help prevent water leaks.

Below are 3 steps to avoid water leaks in your home.

1. Regularly check your water pressure.

Is your water pressure high all the time? While strong water pressure is great for a shower or for watering your backyard, it’s not for your plumbing system. Too much water pressure coming into your home constantly can stress your pipes and cause them to leak.

To keep the pressure in balance, you can install a pressure regulator or a water softener. Ideally, your water pressure should not go beyond 60 psi (pounds per square inch).

2. Store or insulate your plumbing pipes during winter.

If you have outside plumbing fixtures, disconnect and store them during the winter. The cold temperatures will freeze the water causing the pipes to burst.  For water lines in the cold areas of your home that are not heated, like the attic or basement,  it’s best to insulate them to prevent them from freezing as well.

3. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

Most homeowners depend on chemical drain cleaners to clear blocked household drains and sinks. Keep in mind that those chemicals that clear clogged drains are also the same harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes, leading to possible leaks.

Our tip is to use natural alternatives to chemical cleaners. Household products like baking soda and vinegar make a powerful combination for clearing your household drains without damaging them.

For more tips on how to prevent water leaks, watch this short video:

If these tips didn’t work and water leaks are still an issue, it’s time to call in the professionals at Water Savers. We are the best solution for affordable, prompt, and expert leak detection services in Atlanta. All of our licensed plumbers are highly experienced and equipped with the latest technology to quickly locate any plumbing leaks and repair them on the spot!

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