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Water Savers Atlanta, LLC is the premier service for slab leak detection in Atlanta. Water Savers is family owned and operated, in business since 1986. One call can solve all your needs as the Water Savers Atlanta locate your leak, whether underground or inside household plumbing. Our state licensed and certified plumbers will repair or replace the damaged section of piping to give you like new service. We give all of our plumbers background checks and drug tests to ensure that they can deliver the highest quality service consistently.

Leaks might not seem like big problems, but even small ones can in time turn into a big problems and cost home owners thousands of dollars in damage. Calling Water Savers Atlanta today and let us expertly detect water leaks both inside and outside of your home. We use the best technology available to find and correct leaks before they can cause any further problems.

Contacting Water Savers Atlanta for leak detection in Atlanta is as easy as dialing (678) 882-7850, or placing an online order. If you prefer the online option, we have an online Scheduled Service.  From there you can book a service order for all of your 24 hour plumbing needs. Which ever way you choose for your commercial or residential plumbing and drain cleaning service, our fast, professional technicians will be on their way soon. It can’t be easier. Please call us now at (678) 882-7850, or order online now, for the best plumbing services in Atlanta.

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