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Advance Water Line Repair Equipment

Water Savers Atlanta uses a special combination of equipment and technology to discover any leaks, blockages or breaks in the main water line between the street and your home. When damage is severe, main waterline repair may not be enough and main water line replacement may be recommended.

Our qualified plumbers will replace old, inefficient polybutylene tubing with strong, dependable copper tubing. Using copper for main waterline repair and main water line replacement ensures that your home will have a steady, reliable water supply well into the future.

Reliable Main Water Line Repair Experts Servicing the Metro Atlanta Area, Including Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta

Water Savers Atlanta, LLC understands that when a main waterline repair or main water line replacement is necessary, it’s essential to get professional help as quickly as possible. That’s why you can call Water Savers Atlanta 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our licensed, insured plumbing contractors are always available in Metro Atlanta, North Fulton, Fulton, Gwinnett and Dekalb counties for main waterline repair or main water line replacement.

Main Water Line Repair Experts

Our competent plumbing experts take great care not to disturb the beauty of your landscape in main waterline repair or main water line replacement and installation, skillfully handling emergencies with careful treatment of your sod and grass.

Water Savers Atlanta is a licensed and insured Georgia Certified Unrestricted Plumbing Contractor and a member of the Better Business Bureau. We’re confident of our work in main waterline repair and main water line replacement and back it up with our 10-year Parts and Labor Guarantee.

How We Work Using Existing Water Lines To Repair Main Water Line

Water Savers Atlanta is a master in main waterline repair and main water line replacement. It isn’t necessary, most of the time, for our plumbers to excavate your yard. We carry out our services of main waterline repair and main water line replacement by working within the existing water line.

Water Service We are able to locate your water lines, make repairs to water supply lines and provide total water liner replacement in most cases without damage to your lawn with the tools state of the art equipment and technology that we use. American Plumbing has thousands of very satisfied customers.

Checking For Main Water Line Leaks

If you have already checked for leaking faucets, toilets and visible pipes or water lines and you still think something is wrong, you can verify if you have a leak in your water line by calling your local water authority. Your local water authority can determine if the leaking water is treated or uncontaminated water (which would determine that there is a leak in the water service), or if the water is untreated (meaning it is ground water). This is usually a free service provided by your local water authority in your town or county.

How To Know When There’s A Problem In The Main Water Line

There are telltale signs that you may need main waterline repair or main water line replacement. If you’ve noticed your utility bills seem unusually high or if you see an obvious leak that makes an area of your yard constantly mushy and wet, the problem might be traced to the water supply line.

If you detect the sound of running water and you have already checked your home’s indoor plumbing for leaks, it’s time to contact your Metro Atlanta water authority for a free water test to determine the source.

If the main waterline repair or main water line replacement is not the responsibility of a Metro Atlanta or county water authority, call Water Savers Atlanta, LLC.

What Causes Leaks and Breaks

Natural forces may be the cause for main waterline repair or main water line replacement. Water line leaks and breakage can occur with the growth of tree roots or the unsettling and resettling of the land on which your home sits.

Another reason for main waterline repair or main water line replacement would be if water pipes pipes are damaged by utility or landscape digging. Water line problems can also be due to old age, especially if the water line is made from outdated polybutylene.

Water Savers Atlanta for Main Waterline Repair and Main Water Line Replacement

Choosing The Right Main Water Line Repair Company

Choosing the right company for your water line problem begins with verifying its standing in the Metro Atlanta area. Not all plumbing contractors are as qualified as Water Savers to perform main waterline repair and main water line replacement.

Some do main waterline repairs and service only as a side or secondary job. Other companies may not be as responsive to your water emergency, may damage your landscape or be unwilling to work with your homeowner’s insurance.

Main line water line replacement and repair are the exclusive work of Water Savers Atlanta. Feel free to call the Better Business Bureau about us. You can also ask us for references or read the testimonials on this page.

If homeowner’s coverage applies to your water problems, we will be happy to work with your insurance company. Remember, all Water Savers Atlanta plumbing contractors are fully insured and licensed experts, backed by an unshakable 10-year guarantee.

Water Savers Atlanta plumbing contractors fully insured and licensed experts

Make sure the plumbing company or contractor that you hire is experienced and adequately equipped. Many contractors do plumbing as part of their business or are advertising as service plumbers because their primary business (housing, irrigation, etc.,) is slow. These companies will not provide you with the expertise and equipment needed to perform replacement or repairs of your water supply line without delays, complications or possibly damage to your lawn.

Water Savers Atlanta, LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing. We are fully licensed and insured and our impeccable reputation for excellent service for water line replacement and repairs to your home is reflected by our many references of satisfied customers. A few of our many testimonials are below and we will be happy to furnish local references in your area upon request.

Water Savers Atlanta, LLC Specialists in Water Line Replacement

Water Savers Atlanta, LLC licensed plumbers are Specialists in Water Line Replacement for residential homes! We provide you with excellent, reliable service and written guarantee for all our work!

If the services needed are covered by your home owner’s insurance policy, we are willing to work with your insurance company on any job.

New Property Owners

If you’re in the process of buying a home, make sure to ask if any main line water repair or main water line replacement has taken place. If the seller is unaware, a home inspector can usually answer this question or you can investigate it yourself, by taking a look at your exterior wall water connection for evidence of durable copper or old polybutylene tubing.

Better yet, before you buy, ask Water Savers Atlanta, LLC to inspect the water line to determine whether the new home is in need of main line water repair or main water line replacement.

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