Drain Replacement for a Home in Decatur, Georgia

Houses and commercial properties that are more than 20 years old are more likely to have plumbing problems. One of the most common issues they can encounter? Aging cast-iron pipes.

Before, cast iron was the preferred material for water and sewage lines. They were strong, could withstand high pressure, and would last for many years. However, they have become outdated and are reaching the end of their life. If you live in an older house with the original cast iron plumbing, you are at risk for the plumbing fixtures to deteriorate or corrode. That’s exactly what happened to one of our customers in Decatur, Georgia.

Our customer called Water Savers for help and we quickly went to their house to check out the situation. After a thorough inspection, we found that the cast iron house drain had corroded and was leaking into the crawl space. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive plumbing experience, we replaced the old cast-iron pipes with upgraded and more dependable tubing. We made sure the new home drain was functioning properly, without any issues or concerns.


For reliable, prompt, and affordable drain repair or replacement, contact Water Savers at (678) 944-9195.  We are available 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies and work in and around the Atlanta area.


Commercial Leak Detection in Woodstock, GA

Undetected water leaks in your home or business can lead to potentially serious and expensive damage.  It is best to only hire experienced professionals like Water Savers Atlanta that you can rely on for any plumbing issues. 

Recently, we helped a business in Woodstock, GA that had flooding coming from their septic tank and running into the yard and into the street.  Utilizing the latest technology, our licensed plumbers were able to quickly locate the leak before it caused further damage. 

Family owned and operated, Water Savers Atlanta is the most reliable water leak detection plumbers in the Atlanta area. With just one call, our licensed professionals will be ready to quickly locate the leak and repair it! Give us a call at (678) 944-9195 for more information about our services.

Water Leak Repair

Water Savers got a call needing help with a water Leak. The client had called a different company previously but after their service a second leak popped up. We headed over, began the leak detection using top of the line equipment, and provided an estimate to repair and replace water line from meter to house. 

We at Water Savers want to ensure that you won’t need to call a second time. Working to have the problem solved completely the first time is what we do. Give us a call at (678) 944-9195

Appliance Installation

We were called for some general installation for a client that was working on some big renovations. General appliances were installed and connected with lines, such as the Washing machine, dish washer, ice box, etc.
What We Did:
1.Rerouted washing machine box
2. Installed pot filler above stove
3. installed kitchen fixtures and trim.
4. Installed dishwasher- roughed in and line installed.
5. Installed and connect ice maker box.
6. Rerouted cold and hot copper lines.
We at Water Savers Plumbing seek to make plumbing and installation an ease so that its not your burden to bare. If you need help, contact us at (678) 944-9195.

Chevron Gas Station Water Line Repair in Tucker, GA

Water Savers got a call about a ruptured waterline from a local Chevron gas station. We were quick to arrive and assess the situation. We uncovered the damaged water line using the latest technologies possible. After we removed the concrete, we removed the damaged piping. Following the removal, the new piping was installed and we worked to seal the work area.

We work to ensure that you don’t have to pay for damages and wear that could occur to your plumbing. For professional help, call Water Saver Atlanta at (678) 944-9195.

Water Heater Repair in Lilburn, GA

Water Savers received a call from a client about a damaged water heater.  They arrived at the client’s location quickly to uncover the issue. After a thorough inspection of the heater, it was determined that the issue was with the regulator and modulator units.

Following the inspection, Water Savers replaced the regulator and modulator and the unit was restored to proper working operation.

Make sure your hot water is working this winter, call Water Savers LLC at (678) 944-9195

Water Main Repair in Tucker, Georgia

Water savers LLC received a call about an unusually high water bill. We cut the driveway and determined where the leak was.

The cut area:

After locating the leak, we removed the previous piping and installed a new 2” copper water service line. After the installation, the line was reconnected to the existing water main. The area was then resealed, pressure washed, and the surrounding area was cleaned up.

The new pipes:

Don’t pay more than you have to because of a broken pipe. Get it fixed by the professionals at Water Savers LLC! call (678) 944-9195

Sewer Spill and Pipe Replacement in Atlanta, Georgia

We received an emergency report for a wet spot next to the sidewalk giving off a foul odor. Water Savers LLC showed up and, after a thorough inspection, diagnosed the problem as a sewage leak.

Here is a photo leak signs:

We excavated from the clean-out area to the sidewalk to expose the broken sewer line. We then removed and replaced the broken sewer line
between the clean-out and the sidewalk. Following the fix, we tested the sewer system to make sure everything was working as it should.
Trust the experts. If you notice any sign of a leak in your water line system make sure to Contact Water Savers LLC at (678) 944-9195.

How to Fix Leaking Pipes Under A Slab Foundation

There is no pipe, water, or sewer line that lasts forever. Erosion and leaks are a common occurrence and are caused by wear and tear and decay. Most homes see this happening sooner or later.

Most people get scared when they think about leaks beneath a slab foundation. The repair job that comes with it sounds difficult and expensive. In reality, it may be much easier to fix the leaking pipes under the slab.

The biggest challenge is locating the pipe and getting direct access to the problematic area. Once you know about the leak’s location, the fix is just a cut away.

In the following post, we’ll together with HaasProperties.com go over the main points you should know about fixing the leaking pipes under a slab foundation.

Why do slab leaks happen?

First, let’s look at why slab leaks happen in the first place.


Hot water pipes pose an especially high risk of abrasion. Heat causes them to expand, raising the risk of rubbing against the surrounding materials, such as concrete and gravel. As the friction becomes a constant part of the expansion process, it’s only a matter of time when leaks start to happen.

Excess pressure

Soil shift and erosion can put too much pressure on the pipes. The flooding could be extensive when the leak results from outside pressure.

Old homes

Just living in an older home raises the risk of facing slab leaks. Often enough, older houses come with pipes made from galvanized steel or copper. These materials give way to corrosion more easily. And since the house has been there for a long time, the extended period of being subject to different forces ups the potential for any leaks.

Poor construction

This is a very typical reason for slab leaks. Usually, the trouble is in the pipes’ poor quality or just bad workmanship. Flowing water carries abrasive potential, which means that improperly installed pipes can start to leak faster. Bent, torn, and dented pipes along with constant water flow invite trouble.

Water properties

Is the water too acidic or alkaline? In both cases, the pipe corrosion may happen quicker compared to more neutral water. Check this regularly if there’s any concern. The pH level of your water has to be somewhere between the values of 6.5 and 8.5. More or less than that means potential issues with the pipes.

How can I be sure it’s a slab leak?

Many signs point to a potential slab leak. Do you hear the sound of gushing water under the floor? That might indicate a leaking pipe under the foundation. Also, noticing damp areas or actual water on your floor is a real giveaway.

When the hot water line leaks, you may feel strangely warm spots on the floor while walking barefoot. Mildew and mold on the carpet serve as important red flags too. And the numbers on your water bill could definitely reflect the constant leaking!

But when it’s a sewer line, things are usually different. Typically, sewer line leaks can go undetected for a much longer time. Actual foundation damage might be one of the first signs. Definitely explore the possibility of a sewer line leak when you discover foundation heaving or just a raised part of the floor.

What are the steps for fixing the pipes?

1. Look for the leaking spot.

It’s not always so simple. Most likely, you’ll need the help of a plumber. They use special devices that allow them to locate the right spot. The water must be turned off for this. Then your plumber will pump the air into the lines to get any remaining water out of the way. Now, the plumber listens for any air escaping the pipes under the slab.

2. Plan for repairs

After making sure the location of the leak, it’s time to make a plan. How will you exactly repair this problem? In many cases, replumbing the whole house makes more sense than repairing any worn-out pipes. This is especially true when the old plumbing uses galvanized metal. Making patchy repairs sets you up for reoccurring trouble in the future.

3. Access the leak

The next step calls for access to the leaking pipe. The floor will have to be removed in order to expose the concrete slab. Then a hole has to be made into the slab using a jackhammer.

You are best off protecting your furniture by covering them or even moving them away from the work site. After making the hole, it’s important to remove any dirt to see the pipes more clearly.

4. Repair the pipe

Usually, this means cutting the damaged section, removing it, and soldering a new piece into its rightful spot. When opening up the foundation proves to be a very difficult or uneconomical solution, pipe coating is another option. This is done using an epoxy coating to fix the pipe without cutting any part of the slab.

So, what do I need to know about pipe repair under a slab?

The first step is to notice the signs of a slab leak. Water bills that don’t make sense, damp or wet areas on the floor, and the sound of water gushing under the floor. All of these are worrying signs of a leak.

Additionally, you should be aware of the typical risk factors. Poor construction techniques and materials, shifting soils, too acidic or alkaline water, and living in an old home raise the risk of experiencing slab leaks.

Fixing the pipes means you have to find the approximate spot for the leak. Special listening devices come handy. Use a jackhammer to open up the concrete slab. After removing the dirt, it’s time to fix the pipe.

There are times when replumbing the whole house is the best option. Usually, it’s the case when the piping is old and would spring new leaks soon enough anyway.

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